Enabling fast start capability (Germany)

A German customer approached MTU Power for support in implementing fast start up capabilities of under seven minutes. New purging logic was implemented and the control software and HMI modified.

Requirements and challenges

  • Plant to be used for electricity balancing on capacity market
  • Payments for short-term availability (engine startup time <7 minutes required)
  • Exhaust ducts need to be purged for 6 minutes to remove residual natural gas vapors

Solution and scope of supply

  • New purging logic implemented
  • Control software modification
  • HMI modification

Results and benefits

  • Purging procedure conducted after each engine shutdown
  • Leak proofness is monitored and system status set to "purged"
  • If a fast start is required, the purging procedure can be omitted
  • Customer can participate on electricity balancing market
  • Able to utilize additional source of revenue

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