Customized manufacturing equipment

Customized manufacturing equipment

MTU designs, develops, and manufactures all types of production equipment – expertly, innovatively, and tailored to your needs. Thank to its many years of experience in the field of equipment design, MTU Aero Solutions offers ideal technical solutions combined with maximum cost efficiency – also as an optimized package offer.

Alongside conventional equipment, we also develop special equipment with hydraulic, pneumatic or electronic features. Our comprehensive range of machinery means we are capable of both build-to-order production and series production of the highest precision on conventional and CNC machines.

Alongside machining operations, we also offer a comprehensive range of surface treatment options. Our quick access to aviation engineering processes enables us to carry out procedures as varied as balancing, thermal spraying and gear grinding.


Thanks to our many years of experience in manufacturing, assembly and process engineering, we offer innovative solutions for a broad spectrum of equipment. We have extensive know-how in Unigraphics, machining simulations and designing objects from a welding engineering perspective. Where appropriate, we utilize CE certification.

We always develop concepts in consultation with our customers, which ensures cost efficiency. Moreover, national and international collaborations make us very flexible.


We manufacture equipment according to predefined guidelines and drawing specifications – including electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components – quickly, precisely and flexibly. Our modern machinery (turning, milling, grinding, electrical discharge machining, drilling) allows us to manufacture parts with diameters up to 1,700 mm with high precision.


Special equipment

On request, MTU Aero Solutions also supplies special equipment with fully automated electronic, pneumatic and/or hydraulic clamping systems and built-in process monitoring (using strain gages). We rely here on our wealth of experience with customers and suppliers from the respective specialist fields, which enables us to design manufacturing equipment that is optimally suited to different machine types and fixtures.


  • Device for grinding engine components
  • Heater for assembling engine modules
  • Rigid and movable workstands for internal transport and to assist assembly and disassembly


Additive manufacturing

(rapid prototyping)

3D models for visualization or simulation help engineers in developing products or during customer presentations. Various parts for equipment and measuring instruments can be constructed quickly and easily in different qualities using rapid prototyping.

On special selective laser melting (SLM) machines, we are able to manufacture high-temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant components with conventional structures or bionic lightweight designs.

Selective laser melting involves fusing metallic powder together in layers to make components. The construction of parts in layers permits complex designs that are impossible to realize today using conventional methods.

As well as simple plastics, we use virtually all weldable metals for selective laser melting:

  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel-base alloys (IN 718)
  • Cobalt-chromium alloys (Mar M509)

Rapid prototyping means MTU Aero Solutions can offer you maximum design freedom, flexibility and productivity.

MTU not only produces components by additive manufacturing, the company also manufactures and markets high-quality and effective powder scrapers with brush strips for additive manufacturing facilities. More about this topic can be found here

Certified quality

Do you demand the best and expect top quality?
Our employees are conscious of our responsibility in this regard.
That is why all our product development processes are fully documented.

In addition, our quality management is certified according to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 (quality management system)
  • EN/AS 9100 (quality management system)
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management system)
  • DIN2303 (welding, brazing, thermal spraying for defense products)
  • ISO3834-2 (quality requirements for fusion welding)


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