We are your engine experts

Our approach

MTU Power is a leading provider of reliable, flexible and cost-efficient maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions for GE LM2500 and LM6000 turbine operators.

At MTU Power, we understand that gas turbine operators expect cost-efficiency and fast response times. Especially, when it comes to MRO and package services. Additionally, we know that oil, gas and LNG customers require high reliability to minimize cost-intensive and critical downtimes. And that power generation customers are also under growing pressure to control cost and increase flexibility in the changing energy market.

It is our people who make the difference: MTU Power teams are passionate about gas turbines and dedicated to meeting customer needs. We combine hands-on experience with new approaches and never give up until an optimal solution has been found – as demonstrated by our track record of great customer relationships. In short, we are your engine experts.

Our experience

The MTU group has performed over 5,000 LM/CF6 shop visits in its 36-year history and carries out over 150 LM/CF6 shop visits per year. MTU Power and its field service team has over 180 customers and is on-site for more than 350 events annually, making us the largest independent provider for GE LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000 series turbines. Of all licensed depots, MTU Power has the widest range of GE LM sub systems in its portfolio (47) and tests under real load conditions.