Design and Analytics

Designing and optimizing of aero engines, gas turbines, compressors, turbines and combustors

MTU is synonymous with state-of-the-art engineering and the company is world renowned for its advanced design and analytics of aviation parts. We understand the complex demands placed on the development, manufacturing and operation of compressors and turbines. And we are familiar with the intense environment such parts are found in. 

Georg Schleiermacher
Phone: +49 89 1489 4347
Cell: +49 176 100 420 54
Phone: +49 89 1489 4347
Cell: +49 176 100 420 54

From a conception to complex component

You benefit from advanced aero-thermal, durable, efficient, light-weight and precise parts that, through their longevity, reduce the overall cost of ownership. Our designs are optimized for quality and manufacturability across all project phases and we specialize in individual parts right up to complete component. 

Maximum flexibility and minimum development time

We use our IP3E system for integrated product development, production and maintenance with linked CAE and CAD computer programs for all projects. Our integrated component teams use concurrent engineering processes, in turn ensuring minimum development time and optimum results. This allows to implement and analyze modifications fast and efficiently and ensures extreme flexibility and short turn around times. 

Extensive experience

Over the years, we have amassed exceptional knowledge and a broad customer base. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of customers and suppliers from various industries and for many products and services. We also have comprehensive understanding across the entire value chain of highly complex products and processes. And we have the skills to integrate the most challenging mechanical systems to reliable components. 

Certification and qualification

MTU is ISO 9000 certified and its design organization is approved according to EASA-Part 21 regulations. We are extremely familiar with EASA, FAA and European, national military qualification authorities and their validation requirements. 

Our capabilities