Engineering Services

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Engineering, test and materials solutions for aero engines, gas turbines and their components

MTU provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions in engineering, design and analytics, materials, research and testing, validation and certification, production and maintenance as part of its engineering and production services. We deliver fully integrated solutions from program management all the way through to the final product – including the highest level of quality control. We manage entire programs and are able to implement all processes required for the manufacturing of engine materials, parts, components and gas turbines for use in a variety of fields. These include industrial applications such as power, energy, oil and gas, as well as automotive and manufacturing industries, and of course, aviation.

Product development, optimization and service support

Do you need help developing a new technical application or optimizing an existing product? Look no further! Our engineers are committed to meeting your specific requirements and upholding industry standards. They have unique experience and expertise in the fields of design, validation, manufacturing and maintenance and are greatly experienced in adapting MTU’s aviation technology to other industries.
Our solutions are based on MTU’s cutting edge technology in the aviation sphere and adapted to your purpose. We ensure maximum efficiency, performance, robustness and safety. In doing so, we save on any additional development costs that might otherwise be incurred. Our solutions are precise, flexible, durable, designed to cost, delivered on time and customized to your particular specification and usage. 

Product research, test and validation

MTU provides a whole bandwidth of test and validation capabilities for engine parts, modules and components right up to entire engines. Rely on us for excellent quality support, preparation, execution and analysis. Our experts have access to a number of qualified test facilities to provide you with solutions that fully suit your requirements. 
Generally speaking, our services include test vehicle design and production, the design and provision of instrumentation, measurement technology – for instance contact-free tip clearance measurement (BSSM), test facility software and operational support. 

Materials engineering

When developing or optimizing a product, materials testing – such as specimen fatigue testing or failure and damage analysis – is an important part of the process. Computational Materials Engineering provides cost and time efficient computer-aided material and process optimization. We pool our extensive knowledge from all our different fields of expertise to create fully integrated solutions. Our products and services meet your expectations, and the required standards of the respective industry.

Engine and aviation electronics

MTU’s electronic department encompasses the complete process chain for the development and validation of safety-critical electronics. It designs and manufactures hardware devices and the corresponding software. And it performs all systems integration and validation work including qualification or certification.

Testing and validation

We have a relentless focus on quality to ensure all MTU products are technically flawless, operational and that they are verified through aero engine testing – both during development and during the continuous improvement of in-production engines. MTU's aero engine testing activities run the whole spectrum from component and accessory through module testing and right up to engine test runs.