Modifications, retrofits and upgrades

Modification, retrofits and upgrades

MTU Power provides modifications and upgrades to ensure reliable, up-to-date operations, and boost power and output. Our team of experts can work with you in deciding which modifications and upgrades make sense for your operations and advise accordingly. 

Additionally, as a turbine ages, parts and components can become difficult to source and an upgrade can bypass such availability issues. At MTU Power, we upgrade controls, engines and systems to the highest standards. In our experience, every case is unique and the solution is both customized and optimized in terms of time and cost.   

Control systems in particular, benefit from modifications. MTU Power upgrades to the most proven and fail-safe platforms in the market, reuses I/O cards and field cabling wherever possible, works according to fast communication protocols and software tools, and we make use of redundant I/O modules with hot swap capability.

Our services can include: 

  • Implementation of new hardware in existing control systems
  • Modification of control system software to incorporate field device changes
  • Troubleshooting errors and alarms
  • Replacement of defective components
  • Control system health check

MTU Power can uprate LM-series machinery to the latest engine generation and modify all affected package components and controls. Uprate solutions range from single units to complete OEM uprate packages, depending on engine condition, schedule and budget. The process also includes the integration of new hardware. And the results speak for themselves: performance improvements in both output and heat rates, prolonged lifetime and extended maintenance intervals, improved reliability and part availability. 

As part of our modification and upgrade services, MTU Power offers wet compression systems to provide customers with an extra boost of power for peak loads. Our system utilizes the intercooling effect of atomized water that is injected into the compressor at full load to decrease the inlet temperature of the LP/HP compressor. The process includes: 

Integration of hardware

  • On engine nozzle manifold (23 nozzles for LPC, 24 nozzles HPC)
  • Off engine injection skid
  • Strainer
  • HP Pump
  • Flow control valve
  • Simplex /duplex Filter
  • Instrumentation (pressure, temperature, flow)
  • Shut-off /drain /check / ball valves
  • Piping/cabling

Subsequent modification of existing engine control system

An inlet cooling system can significantly improve the performance yield of your turbine. MTU Power’s system uses the evaporative cooling effect of water to increase power output and enhance fuel efficiency. This improvement is achieved by spraying the water into the gas turbine inlet duct, or distributing it downwards through a cooling media upstream of the gas turbine inlet, resulting in an increased power output, improved efficiency and lower heat rate. 

Furthermore, the inlet fogging and cooling process extends the interval between compressor wash and maintenance, comes preassembled to minimize downtime and is easy to install. The system covers:  

  • nozzle manifold for air inlet duct or media for filter house
  • interconnecting piping and cabling
  • skid with pumps, valves, filters and local control unit
  • spares and tools

As gas turbines age, retrofits (replacing engines with new or overhauled engines and upgrading systems) can be a way of modernizing the power plant and augmenting performance and efficiency. We have extensive experience with LM-series turbines and ensure component compatibility, as well as a solution that meets your projects cost and risk goals. As each project is unique, please contact us directly with your request.