Engine testing

Engine testing – fit for service

Whether in the military or commercial area, MTU's engine testing capabilities cover the whole range of engine validation and certification. On our ground test stands we conduct development test runs. We have the requisite facilities for testing turbojet and turbofan engines with a thrust capability up to 400 kN and turboshaft engines delivering up to 15 MW of output power, for example. At the University of Stuttgart's altitude test facility, MTU conducts tests to analyze the engine behavior under defined altitude conditions.

In addition to these test stand activities, we also support engine integration and the flight testing of prototype engines in close consultation with engine partners and airframe manufacturers. MTU's flight test team makes the necessary preparations for all flight tests required for development and certification, assists in their performance and evaluates results – for both military and commercial engines.

MTU can conduct all engine tests required, such as

  • Endurance tests
  • Ingestion tests (bird strike, ice, hail, water and sand)
  • Engine control system tests
  • Rotor stress tests using telemetry
  • Vibration tests
  • Emission measurements
  • Simulation of hot-day conditions

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