We are your engine experts


We are committed to reducing operational cost and maximizing performance and reliability. Our services are extremely flexible and customized. Of all licensed depots, MTU Power has the widest range of GE LM sub systems in its portfolio (47). 

MTU Power operates a highly-advanced maintenance line along which GE LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbines are torn down, inspected, repaired, and built up. We have one overriding goal: smartly moving the turbines through the shop so their operators can cycle them back into revenue service with minimum impact on operations.

Our shops work to the highest standards and with the most modern technology. For instance, our quality system is based on aviation norms. Additionally, we have processes such as electronic piece parts tracking and a proprietary rotor stacking procedure to keep engines sailing down the maintenance line. 

You can rely on us for top notch engineering support for each and every turbine and maintenance event.

Our contract forms range from single events all the way through to long-term service agreements (LTSA). LTSAs can cover the gas turbine, package or entire plant and scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Contracts can be agreed in whatever way suits you – whether that is a time and materials, power-by-the-hour or fixed-price contract.

Gregor Stöcker
Director Sales and Marketing
Phone: +49 3378 824-250
Cell: +49 170 1696608