Commissioning two LM6000 PC power plants in Batangas City (Philippines)

MTU Power simultaneously commissioned and tested two LM6000 PC power plants for a customer under extreme time pressure in Batangas City, Philippines.

Requirements and challenges

  • Original contract with EPC terminated due to failure to comply with contract obligations
  • Delay in completing commissioning works
  • Power plant not generating income
  • Vibration problems with gas turbines

Solution and scope of supply

  • MTU took over the responsibility for the commissioning and testing at short notice
  • Interdisciplinary and experienced team of specialists
  • Commissioning of both packages simultaneously

Results and benefits

  • First synchronization to the grid after 6 weeks
  • Rapidly achieving commercial operation in order to enable customer to generate income
  • Commissioning of both LM6000PC packages successfully finished in four months

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