Measurement techniques and instrumentation

Measurement techniques and instrumentation: we want to know

MTU's advanced test facilities are provided with real-time data acquisition systems and automated operating and control devices. By using purpose-made instrumentation in conjunction with advanced measuring techniques we make sure the development goals can be achieved rapidly and at affordable costs. The instrumentation department develops measuring techniques, designs and manufactures probes and sensors that are perfectly suited for a particular engine test or module (rig) test conditions.

The aviation industry's standards are stringent, and our world-class testing capabilities are sure to meet them. For example, we manufacture high-temperature probes and develop digital telemetry, clearance and vibration measurement solutions for use in engine environments.

Our services at a glance:

Measuring techniques / diagnostics

  • Planning, construction and approval of test facilities
  • Automatic test devices for the monitoring of safety-critical components
  • System solutions for test data acquisition and analysis, including visualization of process monitoring and diagnostics
  • Fully serviceable test facilities for aero engines and gas turbines
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of data acquisition and control systems
  • General support for measuring devices and multi-channel data acquisition systems for steady-state, transient and dynamic signals
  • Calibration of measuring systems and test facilities, including determination of the measuring uncertainty for all physical measurements
  • Provision of software for real-time monitoring and automation
  • Development and performance of special measurements, such as non-contact blade vibration and gap measurements, including analysis, on compressors and turbines
  • High-speed videography
  • Infrared thermography


  • Design integration of sensors on stationary and rotating components for engines and demonstrators to determine the most important mechanical, aerodynamic and thermodynamic characteristics, also in the high-temperature range
  • Design of rakes, incl. stress analysis
  • Manufacture and repair of rakes
  • Calibration of rakes to international standards
  • Application of sensors, such as strain gauges, thermocouples, pressure and hot-film sensors
  • Complete assembly of instrumentation, including plug-and-socket connections
  • Development of advanced probes and sensors for new applications
  • Development and manufacture of telemetry systems

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