Field Services

Field Service

At MTU Power, we know that every minute of operations counts. So if you have an operational disruption or are experiencing downtime , we can be on-site quickly to help. The field service team at MTU Power is always available to support customers wherever they are in the world. They can be reached quickly and easily via a 24-hour hotline – every day of the year. Once a call has been made to our hotline, we mobilize a team of experts to solve any problems and perform the necessary maintenance. 
Of course, not every field service visit is an emergency. We also offer extensive on-site capabilities, scheduled and preventative maintenance. For instance, we have long-term service agreements (LTSA) with many customers and handle their maintenance management as requested. Our services range from removal, installation and commissioning, on-site repair, periodic inspections, remote monitoring and vibration analysis all the way to engineering consulting and customer training for LM2500 and LM6000 series gas turbines.

Remote monitoring

MTU Power provides remote trend monitoring for gas turbines around the clock and every day of the year. The system alerts our qualified engineers should any data parameters be performing unusually, we then analyze these findings and make expert recommendations to our customers. You benefit from early warnings, minimized downtime and a faster return to operations, status reports to help with maintenance planning as well as access to MTU Power’s team of turbine experts. 


Alongside extensive testing capabilities at our level IV facility in Ludwigsfelde, we offer on-site combustor dynamics, acoustics and emissions tuning. We also perform flue gas sampling to optimize operations.  


Alignment of the components within a power plant, such as the gas turbine, gearbox, electrical generator are crucial to smooth operations and high performance. MTU Power can align all components within your package. Our alignment services ensure operations within OEM specifications, avoid vibrations and reduce damage caused by misalignment – for instance bearing and seal damage or coupling shaft diaphragm fatigue.

Customer training

MTU Power offers training courses – both at our facility in Ludwigsfelde and on-site with you. Our training programs range from introductory courses on basic operating principles to specialized on-site training, for instance on boroscope inspections and are defined according to customer needs.

Our training team is made up of experts and combines theory and praxis to achieve the best results. We design our courses with the aim of helping you perform your own inspection and diagnosis and solve minor problems yourselves, ultimately improving operational efficiency and reducing costs for you.

On-site repair solutions

Our field services team can perform a wide range of repairs and parts exchanges on site, including: blade cleaning, variable bleed valve, bushing and bearing exchanges and repairs.