Inspection, diagnostics and trouble-shooting

Inspection, diagnostics and trouble-shooting

We offer a range of inspection and diagnostic services for turbines and packages to help troubleshoot when problems occur, or even better, prevent them arising in the first place.


MTU Power's on-site instrumentation checks and calibration service can help avoid unnecessary damage caused by faulty instrumentation. We provide reliable information on the performance status of your gas turbine and identify potentially harmful trends before it is too late. Our calibration and instrumentation services are flexible, customized to your needs and include work packs, inspection schedules and tolerance guidelines. 

Vibration analysis

MTU Power provides state-of-the-art vibration analysis, monitoring systems and sensors to assess the performance of your turbine. You benefit from real-time and multichannel data acquisition, parallel data reading from on-site vibration monitoring system and vibration spectrum analysis. 

We use this data in our expert diagnostic troubleshooting, enabling us to enhance your operational efficiency and reliability by fine-tuning and trim balancing, for instance by reducing vibrations in gas turbine shafts. Trim balancing also increases the service life of internal and external engine components, such as bearings, tubing, variable guide vane actuation components.