Environmental solutions

Environmental solutions

In recent years, bodies such as the European Union have issued mandates requiring particular modifications and upgrades that reduce harmful emissions and increase efficiency. MTU Power is experienced in providing solutions to meet these and other environmental targets. 

NOx suppression

MTU Power provides a water injection system that complies with emissions regulations by controlling NOx emissions. The system injects demineralized water directly into the combustor, which reduces the formation of thermal NOx – helping you meet targets without compromising on operational flexibility. We use a proven pre-engineering skid design that can be adapted to each customer’s needs. As a result, power output is increased and NOx abatement reduces to 25ppm on Fuel Gas @15%O2 with SAC engines.

The process involves: 

The integration of hardware

  • Water injection pumps
  • Water metering valve
  • Simplex/duplex filter 
  • Instrumentation (pressure, temperature, flow)
  • Shut-off drain/check valves 
  • Piping/cabling

Modification of engine controls 

Fuel system conversion

Fuel cost, plant availability and environmental considerations are large factors in turbine fuel supply. As a result of these factors and customers’ potential desire to change fuel systems, MTU Power Solutions performs fuel system conversions. Such conversions can improve plant flexibility and profitability, extend plant lifetime and decrease the environmental impact of your plant. 

We enhance your operational flexibility through the following conversion possibilities:   

  • Liquid fuel to gas or gas to liquid fuel
  • Liquid fuel or gas to duel fuel
  • Conversion from SAC to DLE

The process includes: 

  • Integration of hardware
  • Combustion system modification or replacement (as required)
  • Packaged fuel measurement and control equipment
  • Packaged fuel gas treatment skid
  • Drain system integration
  • Gas detection system
  • Adaption of engine control system