Validation and hardware

Validation and hardware

Professional planning – on-time testing

During the testing phase, MTU plans and coordinates all engine acceptance and certification tests in consultation with customers, partners and aviation authority.

Depending on the test module configuration we define and procure the required development hardware and prepare the necessary instructions for module and engine builds, instrumentation, disassembly and inspection. Following a test run, the components subjected to testing are analyzed as part of the validation and certification. In the process, strip inspections are performed to determine and document the structural condition of the parts. Modifications and changes to build standards will then be defined and validated in a further test series until the parts fully comply with all requirements.

Our goal: We aim to continuously improve to the benefit of our customers. Providing them with flawless, reliable, durable products with low maintenance costs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Validation planning
  • Build and assembly instructions
  • Hardware planning and procurement, taking novel technologies such as generative manufacturing into account
  • Component cleaning
  • Component inspection, assessment of any damage found, decision regarding re-use
  • Generation of mechanical condition reports
  • Non-destructive inspections, such as visual and dimensional inspections, fluorescent penetrant inspection and eddy-current inspection
  • Generation of certification documents
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