Accessory testing

Accessory testing: to safely sustain all loads

Throughout their life cycle, engine control units and subsystems are exposed to various influences. Mechanical testing is used during development and support of in-production engines to determine if these units will perform as specified.

MTU tests electronic as well as hydro-mechanical control units, such as electronic engine control and monitoring systems for the EJ200, TP400-D6 and MTR390 engines as well as complete subsystems (fuel, oil, hydraulic and pneumatic systems).

MTU conducts nearly every possible type of equipment- and system-level qualification test to verify compliance with certification requirements.

Accessory test facilities

On our accessory test facilities we conduct pneumatic and hydro-mechanical performance tests on lubrication oil and bearing systems, combustor and afterburner fuel injection systems.

We additionally test for all mechanical loads:

  • Static / cyclic pressure tests
  • Cyclic load tests
  • Vibration
  • Shock load
  • Temperature / thermal shock

We also perform tests under various contamination conditions and also conduct fire testing.

System test facilities

On our system test facilities we conduct full performance and qualification testing on complete engine control and aircraft fuel systems.

These tests cover the following items:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Lightning
  • Tests with hot and cold fuel
  • Tests under icing conditions
  • Tests using contaminated fuel
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