Hardening processes

Hardening processes

To prolong the life of components, they are hardened and tempered.


ProcessObjectiveOperating temperature °C
Precipitation hardening
  • Increasing the hardness and lifetime of various base materials
400 –1190°C
Quenching and tempering
  • Increasing hardness while obtaining good toughness
  • Avoiding warpage

500 – 940°C

700 –1050°C

Case hardening
  • Targeted increase of hardness in specific areas
800 – 940°C
  • Thermochemical treatment of a workpiece in an austenitic state to increase the amount of carbon on the surface, which is then present in a solid solution in the austenite
900 – 930 °C
Gas nitriding
  • Thermochemical treatment that creates a nitride layer on the surface of a workpiece
490 – 525°C
Hardness testingAll common hardness testing methods