Annealing processes

Annealing processes

To achieve a uniform microstructure and proper hardness, normalizing, soft annealing, recrystallizing and stress relieving are used.


ProcessObjectiveOperating temperature °C
  • Heat treatment for subsequent hardening processes
  • Gives material an even structure
900 – 960°C
Soft annealing
  • Reduces hardness of material for subsequent processing steps, such as machining or forming
700 – 900°C
Recrystallization annealing
  • “Softening” materials
  • Improving deformation characteristics of materials
900 –1100°C

Stress-relief annealing
  • Reducing internal stresses
  • Avoiding the formation of cracks and warpage
400 –1180°C
Solution annealing
  • Placing elements involved in precipitation hardening phases into solution

600 –1180°C
  • Targeted precipitation of finely distributed particles in order to increase strength and obtain certain characteristics
400 – 900°C

These processes can be carried out in air, protective gas and vacuums (protective gas up to 950°C).