Coating testing

Coating testing

Coating tests examine whether the surface coating of components meets specific requirements. MTU Aero Solutions offers a whole range of testing procedures here.

The following characteristics are relevant to coating tests:

  • Durability under operating stresses such as temperature changes, deformations and erosion
  • Proof of adequate performance in the case of wear and rubbing operations
  • Oxidation resistance and sulfidation
  • Thermal conductivity under compressive and temperature loads
  • Crack propagation under alternating stresses in hot gas

We have the following equipment available for conducting coating tests:

  • Special test benches for investigating rubbing (compressor and turbine)
  • Burner rigs
  • Temperature change testing in furnace
  • Temperature change testing in hot gas
  • Erosion test bench
  • Test bench for thermal conductivity under pressure and temperature
  • Titanium fire test bench
  • Wear test benches
  • Combined thermo-mechanical LCF/HCF test bench for low and high cycle fatigue tests
  • Screw test stand
  • Shaker
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