Compressor and turbine design and optimization

Designing and optimizing compressors and turbines

From a component detail to a complex/complete/general concept
MTU Aero Solutions can provide the complete spectrum of required technical disci-plines and demands for the development of compressors and turbines. From a manufacturing optimized definition of a design detail, going over the design of complete components to the comprehensive general concept. Worldwide accepted is our competence in design and analytical calculations of thermal- and mechanical highly loaded light weight- and precision parts and components.

Maximum Flexibility and Minimum Development-Times
All development work are based on our IP3E system for integrated development and are using linked CAE and CAD computer systems. Modifications can be implemented and analyzed very fast and efficient. This results in an extreme flexibility. The work with integrated component teams creates a minimum development time and ideal results.

Extensive Integration Know How
We have exceptional know how in dealing and cooperating with partners and suppliers on highly complex products. We can also integrate most challenging mechanical systems.

Our design services at a glance:

  • Compressor and Turbine Designs and Optimization
  • Thermodynamic modeling (cycle modeling)
  • Aerodynamic design and optimization
  • Automation and numerical optimization of 2D – and 3D designs
  • Structural- and Lifing analysis, durability, lifing
  • Heat transfer analysis, tools and processes
  • Secondary Air System design and analysis
  • Damping- and vibration analysis, tools and processes
  • Performance optimization (MOPS)
  • Virtual CAD prototypes (Digital Mock-up)
  • Detail design and dimensioning of parts, components and assemblies (Blade & Vanes, structural parts, Discs, Blisks etc.)
  • Design Optimization of parts, components and assemblies
  • Design and Analysis of gaps and clearances (static and dynamic)


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